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Piancenza was another highlight on the way to the lakes district of northern Italy. It was quite a surprise as neither of us knew anything of the city of 100.000 population. "Placentia" was said to be founded in 218 bc. It opened the Italian peninsula to Hannibal and the fall of the Roman Empire if I'm to believe the local tourist guide information. The town walls built in the 16th century still partially exist. On our arrival to the city, we drove Via Roma, the street we were staying. It was a narrow road through the historic city and one might expect it was the main road yet barely wide enough for two cars to fit side by side. The B&B was not obvious to locate so we parked in an off street to Via Roma and walked to find the street number. It was no more than 35 metres from where we parked but behind these huge doors, wide enough for a small car to fit.

On the street where you live.

We were greeted by our host and shown to our room - what a surprise. I'll let the photos tell the story.

Leading to our room 

After we settled in, we decided on an afternoon walk into the centre of town, no more than 500 metres. We found a cafe/bar where we could observe the passing population over a glass of wine (or two). The Italians are so civilised - they proprietor offered a small complimentary plate of sandwiches and potato chips with our wine (what, no olives?).

Having gained a little sustenance and rest, it was time to do a little exploring of Piacenza. We found ourselves quite enthralled by the colours of the buildings, ranging from the subtle ochres, oranges and pinks. The city has a relaxed feel as opposed to the frenetic Bologna - I think we prefer this.

A brief stop of a couple glasses of bianchi and an espresso before moving on for a walk of discovery.
We walked around this stature, appreciating the fine detail, something that this photo does not do justice.
The main piazza 

Note the wear of centuries on the stone walls from the steel ring.
Colonnades and tessellated tiles
Colours of ochre - typical of Italy.
In the morning, we take off for Bellagio - when we mention this to the locals, the say Oh!! You are going to see George Clooney? Sue tells them. " Oh no, no, no - I have my George Clooney with me - Yup, that me!

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