Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where Have You Been Lately?

I can't believe our last post was Wednesdays in France this time last week - Life has been so busy lately but a full life is so much rewarding than an empty one so we consider ourselves fortunate. It would be nice though to smell the roses occasionally.

Seen in Marseilles 2012
A church in Thenay, Loire 2010
Standing under a street signed named after one of Italy's most admired cyclists - Viareggio 2006.
What's been happening in the Sims household since last week? You may well ask!!!
Your cycling tragic Blogger has started racing again - I realised that 2014 celebrates 50 years since I took out my first racing licence as a 14 year old budding cyclist. My first race in over 8 months rewarded me with a second place and $40 for the effort. It make me wonder why a 63 year old wants to race against kids that could be my kids, possibly my grand kids. All good fun and pleased to still enjoy the sport that's rewarded me with such great memories and friends.

Just some of the little foodie things for the cycling widow's get together.
Wish I could tell you more but I was pouring drinks and washing up!!!
Last Friday Sue had her girlfriends or maybe I should call them "the Cycling Widows" because their hubbies were in Adelaide South Australia playing on their bicycles during the Tour Down Under. Wish I had been with them but someone was needed to pour drinks and wash up after the girls little soiree.
Mind you, I wouldn't have minded being with the boys but Sue and I have bigger fish to fry with our impending trip to Italy and France starting next September - 10 weeks requires a little of saving of finances and holiday leave.

I think Saturday may have been just Sue and I on the couch watching a nice movie but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what it was.

My mates returned from the Tour Down Under and there was another gathering of the faithful at the home of one of the cycling widows and what a night it was. Great food, great friends = great times.

And oh yes, did I tell you my son Mitchy rode his bike with a mate from Melbourne to Adelaide, 1000 kms in 9 days for a rock concert. He has sensibly decided on taking a plane home.

Family - Friends - Good Times - Life is Good.


  1. My life has been pleasantly busy too, so I can relate to finding time to smell the roses. Prepping for a long trip is as much fun as being there already and I know you guys are very well organized. Are you bringing your bike to Europe again, this time?

    1. Yes Nadege - the bike is coming as well as I am riding an event in Tuscany called L'Eroica. The bikes are from the pre-1987 era and I still have my race bike from that era.

  2. I remember Fausto Coppi from when I was growing up in France – that was before we had a TV and we would listen on the radio – he sure was a star. I had a bike then, a red one at first for kids (I wrote a post about it here is the link:, then I got a white one with many speeds, style “mixte” for boys and girls and would ride all over – my parents even placed it on the train when I went in Provence for holidays at my grandparents’ friends – it was near the Mont Ventoux- I could see it from their garden but I never tried to climb it.

    1. Those are nice memories Vagabonde.
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