Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wednesdays in France - VIENNE

Had we known how much Vienne had to offer we would have traded our several nights that we had booked at Lyon for Vienne.

The city of almost 30,000 is in a valley between the Rhone and the hills behind. We went there to see the remains that date from 10BC. It has some well preserved architecture that includes the Temple d'Auguste et Livie built 1BC. There's many other remnants of Roman occupation that we stumbled across as we walked the city streets.
Our hotel was further up from the river near some of the older part of the city. Driving into Vienne, you might not be aware of its past history. The main roads within the city are wide and tree-lined and had a modern look and feel. From the direction we came, the Rhone was to our right and glistened in the sunlight. To think that on past trips to France, we have met this same river in Arles Provence as it meanders to the Mediterranean. We would see the Rhone again the following day at Lyon as it meets up with the Saone river.

Vienne and the Rhone at dusk.
The Hotel we stayed at in Vienne was located within walking distance of all the good sights. The host couldn't be more helpful - a very pleasant place to stay.
Vienne had the most amazing remains from Roman times - Like this road and wall of the old city.
Old blends with new as the population go about their business.
And as you walk around the corner you come across the Temple d'Auguste et Livie.
Where the local sit around to enjoy a snack and the sun.
The variation of architecture never ceased to amaze me in Vienne.
All French cities have their cathedrals and Vienne has hers.

Back lane ways in Vienne - interesting to explore.
Le Provence where we had a lovely meal and met the owner's daughter who thought it would be exotic to visit Australia on day.
Guigal's Cotes de Rhone has become a favourite of ours (and available in Australia) since Vienne. A wine producer from along the Rhone.

We only stayed the one night which wasn't long enough to explore the pleasures of Vienne but it did allow us to take in some of the usual tourist sights, discover a great little restaurant as well as a local wine that we now purchase often back in Australia - it brings back fond memories of our overnight stay in Vienne.


  1. Vienne looks like another place to go on my 'to see' list, (sigh) I wonder how we will fit in all these places. Hopefully next year we will have more time to travel. I am amazed that all the Roman remains appear to be above ground level. At Chassenon everything was well below ground level and only discovered fairly recently. They have done a great job of excavating though and you would never guess now that it was out of sight for 100's of years.
    The cathedral looks great as well.
    Love the pensive look on Sue's face, obviously enjoying the wine :) Take care you two. D & N

    1. We travel Lyon next Wednesday and they had this great Roman theatre still above ground - That pensive look on Sue's face may have something to do with the bottle being empty. I still remember us walking back home after dinner feeling very relaxed and happy with the dinner and being in Vienne.

  2. What amazing ambiance in this place ... I could spend a few days wandering along those laneways ... Just gorgeous!

    1. And you must by putting those laneways of Vienne on your list for the next trip to France.
      You won't be disappointed.

  3. Vienne could almost be in Greece. The fifth and sixth photos could pass for Athens.

  4. CW - Haven't been to Greece, maybe put that on my future list. Do see the similarities though.

  5. What a lovely place. Such a mixture of architecture.

    1. Vera - I think that Vienne was one of those favourite places (among the many) that we have been so fortunate to have visited in France. Our first trip after Sue retired was going to be our once in a life time experience and now we've been five times!!!!
      Thanks for reading.


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