Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Melbourne Weekend.

Friday nights for us - if you occasionally pop in to the blog - you will know that its a special end of the week wind down for us.
Bubbly, a nice dinner and maybe a relaxing movie. This Friday night Sue decided on quail breasts. How lucky is this boy?

Cherry tomatos and zucchini
The quail breasts
OK, I know its out of focus but the taste was extraordinary.
Good old fashion apple pie - coffee and port. afterwards. Naturally.
 Friday night has come and gone - Saturday night we were invited to a 60th birthday party, this seems to happen quite often lately. Now as 60th birthday parties go, this one REALLY rocked. As we arrived we could hear this live band - have you seen like aged people dancing through to midnight. Its rather pathetic to teenagers but don't we know how to have fun?
Our birthday boy even joined the band and even played a guitar solo. A great night.

Lately my weekends have been busy and very little time has been spent in the garden but things have changed. Winter is slowly waving goodbye and spring is finding its way into our backyard. Those bare trees are starting to bud, grass is growing and my chores are also growing. I kick started the lawn mower, pulled out the garden tools and spent Sunday getting the yard in order. I'm not quite sure if I can keep up with the growth of spring coming on.

The Prunis is budding, only shyly at the moment but wait till next month.
And the Jasmine not only looks good, but its perfume will add to our BBQ dinners in this summer.
Here's a close up of the Jasmine - the colours are great.
Sue and our son Mitch spent some time buying some herbs to plant in pots which sit on the timber deck. Its only a short walk from her kitchen. These are the some of the smells that will waft through the house as I return from work during the week.

Hello Rosemary
Vietnamese mint - for stir fries 
Coriander and chives
And Parsley
Bring on spring and summer - I'm in need in an overdose of vitamin D.


  1. Hmmmmm that means winter is on its way to us, not good!

    Wow that meal looks good, think we will have to plan a Friday night visit and a hill climb LOL

    I can smell those herbs from here, oh maybe they are mine just outside the window :-) Take care Diane

  2. You must look forward to those special friday evenings. I know I would. What movie did you see?

  3. Diane - you and Nigel would always be welcome to join us for a meal if ever in Orstraya.

  4. Nadege - This weekend we watched Marigold Hotel, and Da Vinci Code and You've got Mail last night from memory.
    And yes, our Friday nights are special. Sometimes we unfortunately turn down an invitation just to chill out together.

  5. G'day. I have just visited your blog, loved it. I live an hour from Melb, in the North Central part of our beautiful state. Our car club (Zephyr & Zodiac) went to the hillclimb some years ago, it was a great day. Enjoyed reading your stories on France. I am going back in January for a few weeks with my son, can't wait. Take care. Liz...

    1. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment Liz. I'm sure you will have a great French experience.
      Hope to hear from you more. We'll check out your blog and see that you have similar blog friends.


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