Sunday, May 13, 2012


Bonjour Readers.
Arrived today from Aix to Saint Remy. The Mistral winds arrived a few hours after us. I'm currently sitting in the car with Sue outside the St Remy Tourism Office at 10pm writing this so Internet access is not so easy.

We are staying at a lovely two level cottage within walking distance from the historic precinct. In 2008 we stayed here and have recommended it to friends in the past. Meeting our host Josianne was a real hoot with the three kisses thing on meeting. How French is that?

We'll try to keep you all up to date as we go along. This week will be full of news. Sue cooked duck with apples, potatoes and asparagus tonight but I'll let her tell you in tomorrow's post.

Walking the streets of St Remy was like being home in a sort of way. We went super market shopping, I knew the way by memory. Went to the local bike shop nearby to look at hiring a bike - toooooo expensive.

Our Daughter and her friend join us tomorrow and we can't wait to show them the sights.

Talk soon.

Leon et Sue


  1. So you should - not long to go now....before you become immersed in Frenchdome.

  2. Wait until you get to meet me, 3 kisses are out in the Charente it is 4 here :-) Diane


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