Sunday, May 06, 2012


Some of the jet lag is leaving us now but we are still concious that every minute in France is precious and we are so enjoying sharing our past experiences with our family. To see the amazed looks on the girls who have never been here and having Andrew and Ashley with us is pure joy.

We went back to our cafe/tabac for breakfast this morning rather than the hotel. We tend not to eat at places we stay and for good reason. When we returned to the cafe, the owner recognised us and immediately asked the girls if they would have chocolate chaud again! That was nice.

Breakfast - Place Sorbonne.
At breakfast both Andrew and Ashley presented Sue with her first birthday present for the day. It was was the most gorgeous perfect small diamond on a silver chain to hang around her neck. She was emotionally overcome with the surprise gift that I suspect Ashley had a lot to do with the choosing.
When I suggested to Sue about Paris or diamonds for her 60th birthday she chose Paris and now she has both.

A diamond for Sue from Andrew and Ashley.
After breakfast we decided that lunch would be at the Galleries Lafayette  cafeteria. Its a bit of a tradition with us and we wanted to share it with family. After all where is one of the best locations to look out over Paris other than the rooftop of Galleries Lafayette - OK, there's the Eiffel Tower, maybe Sacre Coeur. This could turn into the Monty Python sketch - What have the Romans done for us.......

After wandering down Boulevard Saint Michel, taking in the book shops, the St Michel Fontaine and then walking beside the Seine with the little book shop stalls, we hopped No. 21 bus for Opera and Galleries Lafayette. But it went the wrong way - ooops. Off at the next stop and cross the road for the next No. 21 going the right way.

Pots and pans hanging above a cafe.
Painted leaves and windows on a wall.
Meeting up with the crew, we wandered into the most amazing emporium with the famous stained glass ceiling that we never tire of seeing. Lunch for Sue and - as it always is for me, I choose the salmon - so yum.
A pichet of Rose to share and good company, what more could you wish for. After lunch we took the crew up to the rooftop for that magnificent view of Paris. Opera Garier, the Tower, Champs Elysee, Sacre Coeur - all viewed as the sun was shining over Paris - well for the moment anyway.

Galleries Lafayette's advertising posters intrigue me.
The stained glass roof of Galleries Lafayette - not enhanced by a certain photographer that will remain anonymous.
Opera Garnier from the top of Galleries Lafayette.

Over the rooftops.

And the pedestrians pit their courage against the Parisian drivers.
It was time for Sue and I to leave Carly, Sharn, Ashley and Andrew to their own devises while we headed back to the hotel with a bottle of Bourgogne Chardonnay under my arm. We needed to rest up for Sue's birthday dinner.

Paris Posters are something that intrigue me. On buses, newspaper stalls or on shop windows - it doesn't matter, I just have to get my camera out. I mean really after pointing the camera so many times at the iconic Parisienne scenes, what more can you do. I like French humour and creativity in their posters.

Hmmmm, very interesting from Coca Cola here in Paris.

Buses with posters waiting outside Opera Garnier.
The movie house just around the corner from our hotel.
I wonder if they have English sub titles!!!
Before dinner we decided that it might just be the Chardonnay hour so we relaxed with a glass or three of Chardy while catching up with our favourite blogs - Hi Martine!!!

There's knocking at the door of our hotel room - its family telling us its time to celebrate Sue's birthday at Le Petit Chatelet next door to Shakespeare and Company. Tell you more when we get back.

We're back!!!
The meal was great and the Maitre 'd had a wonderful sense of humour. He would pretend when you tried to make a request in French, to get it wrong such as when Sue requested the wine as rouge - oh, you want water?????
Value for money, the meal was excellent with an entree, the main and desert and a glass of sticky to finish off. The wines did not dissappoint either. I ordered a very nice Sancerre blanc and a rouge from the Roussillion district at 30 euro each. We would pay much more for the same back home.

Mushrooms with garlic.

Escargo in a creamy sauce with a pastry top.

Tart fine with chèvre and pistou.

Ham and Melon

Lamb Brochette cooked on the open grill.

After breakfast this morning we hit the TGV from Gare de Lyon to Marseilles for a two night stay - hoping to taste some great food. 


  1. So much to see, so much to do, I know the feeling while in Paris. The food looks superb,and Sue that Diamond is gorgeous, lucky lady. Have a great time. Diane

    1. In Provence now with the birthday girl - hopefully see you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Many Happy returns to the birthday girl! That dinner looks delicious. I like the idea of the goat's cheese and pesto on puff pastry. Must try that soon! I hope you'll have better weather in southern France to enjoy the Côte d'Azur at its best. Btw, thank you for promoting my blog :)) It's strange to see it on another computer than my own. Proves that there are people who actually read my stuff.(lol)

    1. The birthday girl say thanks Martine as she relaxes for another adventerous day here in Marseilles. She loved her birthday dinner.

      I thought you might get a chuckle out of seeing your blog on my Mac.


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