Sunday, November 07, 2010

As Weekends Go!

Melbourne - Our Home is now 12 months old. We progressed on from our travel blog of the not so popular (by Sue) of Leaping Leon's French Fancies. I must admit that I'm a bit embarrassed by the title now.
It came about because its my nick name with my cycling friends, the Bayside Bandidos (mid-life crisis cycling gang).
 After we returned from our 2009 trip to France we change the blog to Melbourne - home, mainly to share our weekly experiences in Melbourne with the people we have met on our travels.
Sometimes I wonder who reads our ramblings but people keep diaries - this is just a diary but a shared one.
We seem to have created a little interest out there as we have just passed the 20,000 hit mark on our 1st anniversary.
Please don't be shy - say hello by posting a comment as we love to share comments from people in all corners of the world.

Anyway - back to our weekend.

After being tailed off from the fast boys, I took time to take in the view of Melbourne - our Home.
Port Phillip Bay on a sunny Saturday morning.

I haven't been able to ride as much as I would like lately as my L5 disc is giving me a fair amount of grief with a bit of leg discomfort but we are working on it. Saturday morning was just one of those perfect mornings with the bay looking like a mill pond at 7.30 am. I made an exit out the back of the bunch once the fast boys stepped up the pace and decided to take in the view at a more leisurely pace, hence a photograph that I have included.

5.30 AM and following the riders on their 24 hour epic fund raising ride.
The sun is starting to rise over the bay.
And daylight appears as the riders pass the historic Ëdgewater" Mentone Hotel.
The boys and girls of our cycling group are a very community conscious group and this weekend they organised a fundraising 24 hour charity ride to raise funds for our local hospital. I believe their target was $30,000 and that they were very close to that.

Yes, I know it was last year's jersey but the tradition continues.
As I mentioned my cycling is slightly curtailed at the moment so I volunteered myself for the safety car roster for a couple of hours.
The group were amazing! not only did they raise a fantastic amount of money for the hospital, but they collectively cycled an amazing distance over the 12 hours. One of the riders, a lady in her 50s travelled just over 200 kms and this was just after she traded the mountain bike for a light weight carbon road bike.

The end of 24 hours in the saddle and the riders enjoyed the welcome by family and friends, and a nice cool beer (or three)  I suspect.
I'm very proud  to be part of these wonderful people.

BTW, it wasn't all fun and games this weekend - there were some chores to be done as we will be away next weekend with our cycling friends once again.
The lawns were mowed, the garden beds were weeded and I clean up the garden path. It had weeds growing up through the brick work joins so it was time to add some sand and mortar to give a new lease of life. The house is about to be given a lot more attention with the coming good weather.

Later on I cleaned up the surfaces of the bricks.
Sue has a herb garden she is developing either side of the pathway.
Hopefully I can post some pics in a few weeks time.
Not perfect but we both like that "go with the flow" feeling with most things in life!

That was our weekend - Don't be shy, tell us about your weekend on comments.
Venice on Wednesday.


  1. Sorry to hear your back is giving you trouble. Hope it gets better soon.

    And congratulations on your anniversary, not to mention the 20,000 visitors !! Quite and achievement.

    As for my weekend - spent like all the next few weekends will be - cleaning up. We did have a break and neighbours round for dinner, though, now that our living room is back in use. Tomato tart tatin, roast partridge (one each), cheese and walnuts from our latest visit to Le Grand-Pressigny and home-made chocolate and orange mousse served with home-made madeleines, made for the first time ever using my brand-new madeleine tin. Delish.

    Back to the cleaning - where did I put my marigolds...........

  2. Great stats, well done. Those brick paths remind us of similar ones we had back in the UK, unfortunately they crumbled away in places due to heavy frost.

  3. Happy 1st blog anniversary! Can't wait for all the other stories you have instore for us!

    Like Jean I spent part of my weekend in the kitchen making Rimini soup, roast pork, boiled potatoes and cauliflower in bechamel sauce. No dessert this time ... But I'll be making a cake later today.


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