Friday, November 05, 2010

Funky Friday

Funky Friday turns into welcome weekend
and the chance to use the new BBQ
Notice the mushrooms above the grill.
It only proves that I'm a Fungi.
(that's a really bad joke but it is Friday)


  1. And so you should be Diane.
    Maybe I should wear a hat. Moss doesn't grow on a busy street they say.

  2. That's a truly impressive new BBQ. I hope you make good use of it in the coming months. I will think of you, on our dark, miserable days, dragging ourselves to work in the gloom and drizzle with only the fog and snow of post-Christmas doldrums to look forward to......

    Are you feeling sorry for us yet ??!!

  3. Jean,
    Winter - scarves and warm overcoats.
    Hot roast meals. A book in front of an open fire. A white Christmas.
    There, am I making you feel better yet?

  4. Just catching up on blog reading, enjoyed your latest Italy post.
    Wow this is some BBQ! I am envious that your BBQ season is just starting as we pack ours away :(

  5. LLM - All seasons have their good things.
    When winter arrives, Sue and I light and open fire and crack a bottle of port.

  6. Thanks Leon, my glass is now half full instead of half empty again. I just needed a nudge in the right direction.


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