Monday, June 07, 2010

Goodbye Autumn - Hello Winter

Strangely enough, we had an usually quiet weekend - mainly just hanging around the house and cleaning up the garage. Saturday night we did accept an invitation from friends who are building a new home down on the Mornington Peninsula. Lamb shanks were on the menu which we love. The Peninsula was no more than a 45 minute drive from our home in Mentone which is actually no different to driving to the City for dinner.
We decided a sleep-in was in order on Sunday morning and a late morning ride saw me with a wet bum - it was sunny when I left.

Kicking autumn into winter

Very soon most of the trees will be bare of leaves

Melbourne's weather this weekend brought alternating showers and sunshine and at ground level everything is turning green except for the leaves falling from the trees. I love to see the leaves filling the gutters and pathways at this time of year and when there is a gust of wind, they come alive.
I can remember when we were in Paris for an Autumn in 2006 and I went for a run and the streets were full of leaves - it was a great experience.

I stopped to take a photo here while the wind blew leaves from the trees - it can't really be seen in this shot but when I jumped back into the car it was full of leaves.

Sue Says;
Our lime tree has a great crop at the moment. I am thinking of making limecello to see if it works. I make a very drinkable limoncello, so it should work with lime flavour. I will keep you all informed.

 Leon's favourite meal of the moment is roasted pork belly with lots of crackling. So I've made it twice in the last few weeks. It needs to be a bit of a treat because it's very fatty, but it is delicious.
Made it this night with lots of small potatoes cooked under the pork with garlic cloves and rosemary.
Yummy broccoli and carrots with  gravy from the roast and some apple sauce. Yummy!

I guess that's my quota for this month, is it Sue?

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