Thursday, June 03, 2010

Funky Friday

I pass this shop twice a day - Sue decided she needed to look inside - meanwhile, several $$$$ later.
Funky Friday heralds in the weekend for all of us employed. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be retired. Would I still look forward to weekends or would it spoil it for me?
Please, if there are any retirees out there, tell me of your pleasures.


  1. Leon, every morning I read my list of favorite blogs (Ken and Walt's are the first on the list) then if someone writes a smart comment, I check them out. Most are from American expats who live in France because I get homesick and want to know what is going on there. I would love to share my life between the US and France and visit my favorite country (OZ and NZ...).
    I have been in the US for 31 years so going back to France for 1 month now and then doesn't really make me reconnect, but you would be amazed how reading blogs can bring back memories... So far, I found out that the best would be to spend few months here and few months in France. If I would move to France, I would be missing the US too much. But of course, who knows what the future will bring.
    You are not the only one wondering about retirement.

  2. Leon, My friend C. retired on Jan. 1st. At first he felt really depressed as he missed the contact with his clients. Today, he's well adjusted and spends most of his time doing up his house, working in the garden, playing cards with his friends and taking me to restaurants. It's a bit difficult though, as I still have at least 5 or even 12 (worst case scenario) of professional life ahead of me. If only we could sell up and move to the Loire Valley, life would be sheer bliss ...

  3. Leon,
    Asyou know I am 3/4 retired AND I LOVE IT! I still enjoy weekends as well. All good.
    The word verification is inteasi - ha

  4. Nice to hear your points of view Nadege and Ladybird. Both of you offer some thoughts to dream on for the future.
    As for Sue's (my wife) comment, I guess communicating on our blog is a good way to keep in touch with each other while she is retired and I still am employed. LOL.

  5. From a practical standpoint, we can do things on weekdays that others need to do on weekends (like going to the hardware store or IKEA or getting haircuts) and don't have to be out in the crowds of weekenders and their kids.

    There's more, but space is limited. Isn't it? ;)

  6. Leon, when I work on a feature film, we generally put in 14 hours a day. My longest day ever was 22 hours but some people have worked 33 hours. I like to read blogs and show them around to crew members and sometimes cast but generally, other crew members watch "You tube". After 12 hours, I am always happy to discover new blogs. When I go on location, we cannot always get internet access, then we play games. BTW, I love the i-pad. Another toy to brin on the set.

  7. I meant, another toy to bring on the set.

  8. Nadege,
    An iPad - you techno wiz, you!!!!
    I still enjoy a humungous spreadsheet newspaper and a coffee sometimes. There's just something abour newsprint on your fingers.


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