Thursday, November 19, 2009

PARIS for my 60th

You may remember that "Melbourne - our Home" started from the blog of our travels through France earlier this year.

Well, I can feel another blog coming on next year with the decision to return to Paris for my 60th birthday in April.

We were discussing how best to celebrate this milestone and Sue suggested she knew a great way to spend my annual bonus. Why not book for a birthday dinner for 2 at a Paris restaurant. Why not, indeed?

So that's settled, and I'm allowed to take my bike again.

Can't wait.


  1. How nice, Paris in springtime! My birthday is April 25 and would love to be there for my birthday too, but I will be here.
    (Word verification "brest", like the city.

  2. Cool! We hope you have time to swing down our way while you're here!

  3. Lucky you! I have my birthday in April too! Can I come? Martine

  4. Martine/Nadege,
    April is birthday month in my family - me on the 1st and my 88 year old dad and my 36 year daughter both on the 4th (there's that "th" word).
    Maybe we can have an April blogger's birthday in Paris.
    Yes, we certainly would like to pop down to the Loire and say hello to you both and Carole and Mikey whom we rented the cottage from.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you in April. Maybe we can meet Carole and Mikey too.


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