Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Color of Purple - Whoopi

Great movie, great color, great actor.
Our property is pouting purple everywhere at the moment.

This photo doesn't do justice to our Jacaranda tree. I'll take another pic in a week or two when it leaves a carpet of purple blossom on the grass. You can lay on the ground and look up through the gnarly limbs and let the filtered light touch your face. Preferably with a beer in your hand...

Our Jacaranda tree in the back yard is just starting to blossom, a little late compared to neighbouring Jacarandas. Nothing unusual about that, she's just a late bloomer. Over next few weeks it will be full of blossom and as the blossom falls to the ground our green lawn becomes a carpet of purple.

In the front garden, the Agapanthus are opening and showing off their purple bits as well. Although considered a bit of a weed in the bay area, I love them when they flower. Unfortunately the snails love them in winter when they do look like weeds.

I just love these guys - Agapanthus reinvent themselves from a green weed to a splash purple every summer.

In support of the Agapanthus, our lavender which seems to self seed at random has tips of purple to complement the overhanging wisteria.

The Wisteria is about to attack the Lavender - Its a jungle out there...
The wisteria gets cut back many times during spring and summer. Being outside our bedroom window, I fear it might whisk us away in our sleep one night if I didn't keep it under control.

Our Wisteria is like a python wrapping itself around the columns of the veranda and any other plants that get in its way - beware the Wisteria....

It seems to enjoy hugging itself around the front veranda columns and taking over more than its allocated space.
And just quietly minding its own business at ground level, the Elysium moves through the spaces between the brick driveway. Mostly white, some purple, well lilac is appearing this year.

Shhhhh! The Elysium is sneaking down the driveway....

I noticed this all this morning when all the purples were enjoying the sunshine. That is until mid-afternoon when a storm came and went within no more that thirty minutes.

You know what they say about Melbourne weather. If you don't like it, wait for an hour - it will change.

Today reminded me of some days last June in the Loire when after a humid day the storm clouds would roll in, accompanied with claps of thunder.


  1. Hi Leon & Sue,
    We saw the Jacaranda trees in Auz in full bloom in Oct and before we left they had carpeted the ground with purple flowers - absolutely fabulous. I think by now they are finished in the Brisbane area - maybe your blooming season is later in NSW. Anyway we took so many pics and will never forget the marvellous avenues of Jacaranda trees, don't think we have anything to match that in our area.

    Carol & Michael

  2. Great to hear from you guys. Yes, great trees. How about sending some pics on email to us.
    Can't wait to say hello next year.

  3. That is funny! I was reading "Menton daily photo" and somehow when I saw "the color purple" (I worked 3 weeks on that movie) I thought I was still in Menton. I was thinking that the jacaranda trees are blooming really early in the South of France. I then realized it was your blog. I need to sleep a bit longer. Beautiful pictures. There is something special about purple and blue flowers in nature.

  4. We stayed overnight at Menton in 2006 on the way to Tuscany for the only reason being that our suburb Mentone took its name from this region. The street names even give an image of the French/Italian riviera. Menton, France was idyllic.
    Have you worked on any Australian films?

  5. No, I haven't worked on any Australian films but I worked with Cameron Dado, Sam Worthington...
    Kym Johnson who won the Australian "dancing with the stars" won the US one with Donny Osmond. She is a sweetheart and frankly, the Australians and New-Zealanders I worked with were all wonderful, very down to Earth, not "Hollywood" at all.

  6. Great to hear from you and thanks so much for the comment on Menton Daily Photo. I had no idea there was Mentone in Victoria. Mentone, of course, is how Menton is written across the border and is how all Italians say the word.

    Love your purple flowers - I drove from Hobart to Cairns (I lived in Australia for six years) and drove thru a town in NSW in which the whole main street was awash in jacaranda - think it was called Grantham. Amazing.

    Love the agapanthus. We have them too but not in flower at the moment.

    All the best from Menton to Mentone. Jilly x

  7. Jilly
    I can send you some pictures and early history of Mentone with its connection to Menton, France if you wish.
    i shall continue to follow your blog with interest.

  8. Gosh - I'm late to your blog. The pictures are stunning. I am going to stop what I was in the middle of doing when I get distracted, and have a proper look through your site. Thanks for the inspiration.

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