Sunday, October 25, 2009

Veggie beds and wheelbarrows of lettuce

Sue's veggie garden has struck a bit of a snag.

When I made the future veggie garden bed from the timber of my youngest son's old bed, Sue later took me to purchase and load up the potting mix and the chook poo in the back of our Citroen hatchback Xantia.

Well since last week, it seems that certain veggies love digging their roots into chook poo - and some don't!!!

The beans are not quite sure that they like their new environment.

The coriander loves chook poo.

The rocket, coriander, capsicum and especially the basil were delirious in the chook poo where the beans and zucchini were a little more precious. The tomatoes were not quite sure with some being a little bit miserable and others rejoicing.

Some of the tomatoes seem a little sad while others are enjoying their new home. Time will tell.

It seems now that all the veggies are becoming accustomed to their new home. Sue has been watering most nights so they must feel nurtured.

Cycling is my mantra, however a sense of guilt draws me to the garden (sometimes)......
This weekend for me was very self indulgent with lots of cycling so feeling a little guilty, I suggested to Sue it was time to get her lettuce wheelbarrow started.

Did I hear you say, lettuce wheelbarrow? What is a lettuce wheelbarrow????

Well Sue's brother and sister in-law gave Sue this quaint little blue wheelbarrow already filled with a range of assorted lettuce a few years back.
I've used the barrow for wood, rubbish and carting things around the backyard. Not really fitting for a heart-felt Christmas present from family members is it?
Since two harvests of lettuce, it was time to restore the barrow to its original use.

Today, we went to Bunnings for potting mix so Sue could plant her lettuce. I'm hearing you say, what is Bunnings?

Well its the biggest hardware and gardening emporium in OZ. People make a day out visiting Bunnings. You meet friends at Bunnings that you may not have seen for years, and you might even have friends that work there. Such is Bunnings.
I have friends that work at Bunnings that range from retired people to young adults that are friends of my son. Bunnings is a social meeting place, particularly outside the front entrance where various community organisations are selling sausages & onions with mustard or sauce on bread. And this is all for raising funds for worthy organisations.

Anyware after our sausage we chucked the potting mix in the boot of the Citroen, along with all the other things you buy on impulse at Bunnings and drove home to our next garden project.

Our Moggie, Rosita inspects our wheelbarrow of lettuce and decides it could become her next kitty litter - Oh no!

I filled the little blue wheelbarrow with potting mix while Sue later planted her new lettuce. With some spring sunshine and regular watering, I can see a lot of salads coming our way this summer.
I wonder what next weekend's project will be????????????????


  1. Bunnings must be the equivalent of "Home depot" or "Lowes" in the US. As we get ready to turn the clock back after Halloween, you guys are celebrating spring.

  2. That reminds us that we need to have some goodies set aside for trick or treat.
    Yes, I'm afraid another US tradition has found its way to OZ.

    Can you see yourself as a blogger one day?

  3. Any chance of exporting Bunnings to Europe? It looks like a great place. If there was one in my neighbourhood, I would go there every weekend ... to shop and to socialize :). Martine

  4. Martine,
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Yes it is a bit of a social place. I bought path weeder aand occasionally tools that I probably will never use but they are on special and I can't resist a bargain.

  5. I asked my Australian friend at work about Bunnings. She said it is much smaller than "Home depot". They had open this type of store when I was in France in July : "Brico-depot" but without the gardening section.
    Since I work in the motion picture industry and I spend many hours a day (the average day is 12 hours but generally over 14 hours), having a blog would be really hard and I wouldn't be able to show pictures taken inside the studios or my work. I would get fired if they found out. But you can see the results on films or on TV (right now working on "Dancing with the stars" and day checking in movies). But when I am retired, I will definitively have my own blog!


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