Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday, AGAIN!!!

A scene of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula - Taken on a recent :Mental Health Ride. On occasion will will take a day off work and ride to Sorrento (150 kms) for lunch and a glass of wine.
Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay was the first settlement on the bay and there are still a few graves of the first settlers that perished there.

Well, it seems like Fridays come at least twice a week these days. For this once a week Blogger, life moves too quickly and if it wasn't for my reduced superannuation I would retire soon. Never mind, the share market is improving and our dollar is close to parity with the US$.

This weekend is going to be spent with friends at a Mornington Peninsula town called Blairgowrie. They live on the back beach, walking distance from the ocean of Bass Strait and to the other side is Port Phillip bay. Barry is a school mate of mind and our best man when Sue and I married. His wife Gloria and Sue love entertaining and so I expect Barry and I will enjoy a few bottles of wine while the girls cook up a storm.

So on Monday, my blog will feature the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful place only an hours drive from our home in Mentone.

Talk to you all Monday.......................


  1. Have you ever heard of Kim Johnson?
    I work with her right now and she is a sweet heart. At work we always get news from Australia from her mom. She is visiting LA next week I think. Kim's Dad works for Qantas. Kim has been taking the 380 few times already. How lucky to be able to travel business class on this magnificent airplane. On my way to work mondays and tuesdays (I live close to LAX) I get to see it land or I can spot it in the sky around 6.45/7.15 am. I always have a warm thought for the wonderful people of Australia and wish I could go on the flight going back down under.

  2. Business class - Aaaah yes. Early this year on our Emirates flight to Paris via Dubai, I mentioned as we checked in that I was taking my wife to Paris on her birthday which was the day we were flying out. We were upgraded to Business.
    She enjoyed the Moet and lobster tails but reality struck when we transferred at Dubai and were back in Cattle Class. LOL.


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