Saturday, March 10, 2018

"The People are so Friendly"

Last Tuesday the Cool Country Classic Car Club took their cars to our aged care facility for the residents to enjoy our cars as much as we do. Earlier I went for a coffee in town and while Celeste (my demure Citroen) was parked in the street, I was questioned by a couple about her. They are currently visiting with the prospect of buying some land to build in Trentham. Today I met them again (twice actually). 
They have spent the last four days enjoying our town. 
We chatted for awhile and I then asked them the all important question - "What has intrigued you most about Trentham". The answer was as I expected - "The people are so friendly". 
I hope they find what they are looking for.

We have a great car club here in Trentham - the population of the town is about 1400 but our car club has 110 members and we get approx 30 members to our general meetings. We are meeting many like-minded locals through the car, foodie, garden, petanque groups in this intimate village.

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