Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Hitching Post

Believe it or not!
We still have a hitching post in Trentham. It must have been here since horse carriage days. Later the building behind the post was an automotive garage. There is still an old petrol bowser to be seen behind a high fence. I'll bring further updates on the history of the hitching post and the old garage after I visit our Historical Society.
The old garage is now my favourite cafe/coffee house.


  1. I imagine the horses from Melbourne out to rural regions could only travel so far, before they were rested and a new set of horses engaged. Passengers in the carriage hopefully had a fun time, stretching their legs, plus eating and drinking well.

  2. Not something we see often in France!!! I am finding your format quite difficult to read, any chance of a change of font? Hope all is well Diane


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