Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Life is a Blur

Where does it all go and where is it coming from. Is it planned or does it all happen around you?
I really don't know but possibly we should just embrace it. Sure we can change things but if you think to hard, it may not just be the best thing that can happen.

People do ask us, "How did we choose Trentham - we didn't, it chose us".

We drove by many times as we were thinking of where we would retire. Sure, Melbourne is a nice place to be but no longer for us. We needed to make the most of our investments for the life ahead.
A place that gave us an opportunity to integrate to the local community but not too far from our city life.

We bought a plot of land in Trentham - Then we did the panic thing. We had to finish our house pimping for sale. It all worked out and we love being here.

So, we bought the block. 2nd day on the market and put in a bid. Holy %$#@ is was ours.
Now to finish off the house for auction over the next 2 months.
Then we sold our house of 30 years. It all worked well. Www could not be happier.

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  1. 30 years is a long, long time! It is like going from single to married, or from employed to retired... a big life change.

    What are you enjoying most?


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