Thursday, August 17, 2017

A lot has happened in one week.

Although we didn't mention it on the Blog, we reported on Facebook that Sue took a tumble and looked like a black eye and sore back muscles, turned out to be torn muscles and worse still, two fractured vertebrae. This all happened four days before heading home from Paris. On arrival Monday night, she was in so much pain that we had her transported by ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where the factors were discovered by CT scan. Its been over two weeks since the fall and a week since coming out of hospital.

Today as I write this we have a "Celebration of Life" tonight for my father Jack who passed away while we were in Belgium. He was 96 - a very good innings although he was striving for a century - not out.

On to more brighter topics. The weather is miserable - no, not really. We are having a good dowsing of rain and the rural districts can do with it before the summer heads our way. It will fill the reservoirs and dams - the fields will turn green....

We have a creek that runs behind our block and in summer this becomes dry. Since the rains came, it is now a full flowing babbling brook. The ducks are enjoying it as well as the small ponds in the lower levels of the fields. Even the kangaroos are enjoying grazing on the soft moist grass.

Its been so wet that our pets don't want to venture out.

Trent Creek is normally dry in summer to Autumn and until recently was only a trickle.

I really should have put the mower in the shed before the rains came.

I took this photo from our back porch of the house. These guys come to graze at the back of our block most days.

After tonight's tribute to Jack, we concentrate on getting Sue well again and getting back to normal life in Trentham.


  1. Three cheers for getting back to normal! Your "pets" seem to include a devil and perhaps a wombat (?), but what is the third?

    Best to Sue!

    1. Thank you Walt - Sue is less restricted for the first time today with a visit to the local farmer's market and some close friends dropping by. Still a long way to go.

  2. Losing a parent is a misery at any age... I wish you long life and a speedy recovery for your wife.

    I would love to have kangaroos munching quietly in my back yard :)

    1. Thanks Hels for your kind comments. Sue has had a better day today - still some time to go for recovery though.

  3. Walt, there's a dingo, a wombat and a "dog" with severe "issues". No Tassie devil in the mix. Sue

  4. seem to include a devil and perhaps a wombat (?), but what is the third?


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