Friday, July 07, 2017

They are Leaving Me!!!

Oh no. They are doing it again - leaving me at home while they galavant around Europe. I've never been to France, let alone Paris and this is their seventh time.  They bought me the pillow and since then, Ive always had the passion to go there. At least it wasn't some silly T-shirt.
How can they do that at their age, not to mention at my age. I'm 20 now and I need them to feed and cuddle me.

However while they are sunning themselves in the northern hemisphere, I'll be taking a little vacation with their son Mitchell. He and I met when they came to pick a kitten from the litter that I was part of. I couldn't resist him. He was so handsome and kind so I picked him to go home with.

I'll miss being with Sue and Leon but Mitchell is easy to take as long as he feeds me regularly and gives me a lap to sit on. I understand that Sue has purchased my favourite food and hopefully it won't run out before they return as I do have standards.

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