Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Autumn in Trentham.

May 14 - surely it can't be that long ago since our last post. Our life in retirement has been, well not so relaxed as one would expect. We seem to fill our days with no real plan in mind - it all just happens around us. There's garden projects, socialising and of course just becoming part of our community. Our motto here is Cool Country Trentham but the people are warm.

Take last week for instance. Trentham had an amazing mural painting happening in front of our local community on the wall of one of the five cafes in town. This mural was to pay tribute to the original indigenous people of our land.
You'll notice that there is a background canvas on the wall of the cafe - later in the day a young indigenous girl's face was painted over the background - I'll take another photo this week and show you the finished product. It was quite amazing to see the town folk turn out for the all day affair.
Then there was the amazing colours of autumn - or for those readers from the USA, Fall.....
The mornings now are getting more crisp - the mist surrounds us here in the Victoria's Central Highlands.
But by late morning, the mist departs and the sun appears. Celeste Citroen then comes out to play amongst the autumn leaves.

The local wildlife keep us amused. The ducks waddle into our property to keep our grass at an acceptable level as do our kangaroos.
I half expect the roos to lean up on one elbow, light a cigar and puff away. They love the autumn sun in the mid-arvo.
These guys are just couch potatoes - resting in the autumn sun.
And these little fellows work on the process of eating our grass while fertilising our yard.
So far we are enjoying autumn in Trentham, but - winter is yet to come. We've had a few minus freezing days so far but later we seem to have lovely sunny days. 


  1. The ducks and the kangaroos are doing a great job, no need to mow the lawn..:)

    1. Hope you are right - otherwise I might need to buy a ride-on Krishna


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