Thursday, July 21, 2016

We've Been Framed

During the week I posted on Facebook a photo of the frame being erected on the slab for our new home in Trentham. It's all getting a bit real now so I thought we'd add some more detail on the progress for our readers.

Come for a walk through our home - the frame has now been erected so it is just in skeleton form at this stage but we are now getting very excited.

The double garage will be fitted with a remote door control and both our cars can sleep comfortably from the outside elements. We can enter the house from the garage via a door to the LH side and if we have wet shoes or coats, they can be left in the garage or the laundry just behind the garage. The other door to the RH side in the garage leads down to the utility area - cloths line, etc...

We've just walked into the foyer via the front door. To the left is my study and next is a passage to the master bedroom. There's a powder room next on the left. At the very far end is the kitchen, dining and family areas.

MY study, MY domain looks out to the front garden, that is when I establish it.

Opposite the study is a living room. This will be painted in a dark grey with light grey furniture and white accessories I'm told.

We have double doors that open to the entrance of our master bedroom, en suite and dressing room.

Again like the study, the window offers a view to the yet to be established front garden 

Looking back into the master bedroom from the front garden you see an alcove to the left at the back where we may make into a little reading nook. The opening to the RH side takes you to the en-suite and dressing room.

To the right of the en-suite is a very generous dressing room.
Opposite the dressing room is the en suite that contains the double basins, shower and toilet.
The house was designed as a two bath house but we could not remember when we last used a bath in preference to showers so our home does not have a bath. They are replaced with double showers in the master and second bath room.

We've now walked down from the foyer to the kitchen, dining and family area. To the right at the far end is another room that Sue has allocated to me. It's the Butler's Pantry where "I" do all the cleaning up. It's where the dishwasher is kept and a sink for me to wash up.
Here's a view from the other side of the area. To the left is a large glass window and centrally there is a triple sliding door and then a double sliding door to the L-Shaped alfresco area facing north-west. This can then open the interior to the outside entertaining areas. 
We are informed that the roof goes on next week and then we pay another chunk of progress payment. That's OK as long as the progress continues swiftly. At this stage we a mildly excited as we can see the plans becoming a reality in bricks and mortar.

We shall continue to report the ongoing progress, punctuated by regular posts of our "Country Life" in the Central Highlands of Victoria.


  1. Thanks For the posting. I enjoy seeing a space expand and contract as the different building layers are finished. The framing makes the spaces huge, the drywall makes it contract, the paint finishes expand it again.... And so on.
    I did not notice a fireplace? Is the living area what is known in North America as a den - where one would place the TV?
    Now you have your spaces no doubt you are working out placement of furniture as you have your sight lines in reality, not on paper.
    Regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine, thank you for your comments and questions. We are retro fitting a wood burning slow combustion heater combined with a split system heating/aircon. The Living Room is like a sort of formal sitting room but we will have TVs in both Living and Family areas. The furniture placement will be a lot of fun later where our house will take on the personality of a home I guess.

  2. I'm not good with being able to see a plan and imagine the house it will become. The framing pics certainly helps. You must be so excited!

    1. Gaynor - stay tuned as plenty more to come yet. Yes, Sue and I are now getting excited as it gets real.

  3. What is the total area? It looks huge at this stage. Glad all is going well Diane xx

    1. Diane, enjoy the pics of your trip with Nigel. Yes a bit huge. We downsized from our home of 24 squ to 33 squ - what can I say!!!!!

    2. Diane - house is approx 23.5m x 14.5m = 340sqm so we just say 34 squares. This includes the 2 car garage and the Alfresco outdoor area.

  4. Nice to see you new home coming along.....And what delicious times you have ahead planning what you are going to do in those spaces!

    1. Hi Vera, I'm even looking forward to the outside landscaping of the garden.


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