Friday, March 25, 2016

Lost Trades Fair

Yes, I know, I've been awfully slack on the blog but we can't believe how busy it has been since moving to the country. We are blessed with family and friends visiting our Life in the Country. This Easter weekend is our first free weekend. So much is happening in this region of Victoria.

There has been the "Taste of Kyneton" and two weeks later the "Lost Trades Fair" where there was maybe 20,000 visitors over the weekend period. The Lost Trades Fair was an exhibition of past arts that is being regenerated in today's world of the disposable environment.

The following photos explain these lost trades that still can be found in our region - that is if you look hard enough.

Every year Kyneton host the Lost Arts Fair - It grows each year.
You can dance to medival music if you wish.

Or buy hand made hats.

Then there's handcrafted clocks.

This man makes wicker side cars for your motor cycle.

I spent some time watching this man make a stone wall without mortor.

Real craft in the restoration of old time street rods.

Bicycles of the past faithfully reproduced today from scratch.

A man with the piant brush skills where the computer now riegns supreme.

Wood sculpturing of Australia's bushland history.

Wood sculpure from the Aussie bushland.
Pigs may fly
There seems that every weekend in the local district has something to draw people out to enjoy the Central highlands of Victoria. This weekend is no exception with our future home of Trentham having an Arts Festival as well as its Sunday market.

As you may well wonder why this blog may have become intermittently dormant. Retirement should allow more time for such indulgences.

PS: I officially announced my retirement date as April 15 -Groovy!!!


  1. Retirement? I am still shaky on that question... hope it goes very well for you!

    Re lost trades. I realise that progress means some people move ahead and others get lost behind. But imagine a young person training for a long apprenticeship, working hard in his chosen career then suddenly finding that no-one needs that work any longer. Re your lovely photo on hats, I am sure machine made hats are just as gorgeous. But I still prefer hand made creations, made to order.

    1. I like your hat on your profile pic - did you have this made?

  2. Congratulations on the retirement! I wouldn't bet that retirement will give more blogging time. Quite the opposite in my case.

    The lost trades fair sounds really interesting. We have a penny farthing that Tim made about 30 years ago. I think he said that he hardest part was fitting the tyres, so it would be interesting to know how they do it.

    1. Thanks Gaynor - I think Sue is more excited by my retirement, she says she will like having me around. I will try to be more diligent with blogging as there is so much to write about in our new environment.

  3. Since we retired we wonder how we ever had tie to go to work!!!!!

    Love all these photos but especially the side car and the penny farthings.

    Have a good Easter Diane and Nigel xx

    1. That was time to go to work!!!!!

    2. Yes, I may have reached my "use by date" with work. There's so much more time to allocated to what we want to do now. We've all earn't it haven't we D&N.


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