Monday, March 09, 2015

Middle Park and Albert Park - Melbourne

Today I rode my bike with friends to a cafe in Middle Park today - its a suburb of Melbourne on the bay. Middle Park and Albert Park are two of our early inner suburbs (4 kms from the CBD) with some great architecture. Middle Park and its neighbouring Albert Park are both Heritage Conservation areas due to the buildings from our early history. The wide leafy streets of the suburb were part of of some very forward thinking by our early town planners.
Below are photos from early last century.

Next weekend, Albert Park, the neighbouring suburb will host the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix which I expect will thrill the local residents to no end. Since the inception of the F1AGP, there has been a strong local lobby group to have the event stopped but to no avail. ($$$$$$) However figures are never released of what this event costs the tax payers of Victoria.


  1. Your fifth photo, unnamed, looks like a stunning block of flats. Do you know the name of the building and in which street it was built? My favourite 19th century building in Albert Park is the Victoria Hotel.

    1. The Bridport in Bridport Street Hels. I often will have a coffee at the cafe across the road from the building.

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