Monday, June 23, 2014

Sister In-Law's (SIL) Birthday

Just another excuse between blog posts!
I was hit from behind by another cyclist and finished up with two broken ribs the previous Sunday.
Its been over a week and I seem to becoming a little more human.

Not wanting to spoil Sue's cooking project and my sister in-law's birthday, I feigned my manly bravado of feeling no pain so that all would still go ahead - silly me. I spent the Monday having scans, etc to discover two broken ribs but fortunately no spleen damage. You'd think that being home for a week convalescing, I would have time to blog - nope!!!

Back to the subject in hand. It was only this week that our friends on the river Cher (Carol and Mikee - well Carol really) commented that Sue hasn't posted on her kitchen escapades. As I mentioned earlier our sister in-law, young Janice Gibbons asked Sue to be her host chef for her birthday lunch with her immediate family.

 Over to you Sue

We started with a minty, fresh pea soup with pan fried scallops and proscuitto crumbs. In my new soup plates. Everyone was happy,,,, even my niece's  husband who received a fair bit of teasing that it was broccoli. He doesn't eat broccoli. Phew...what a relief!'
My SIL has plenty of bench space. I managed to take up most of it!  Please note my glass of WATER in the foreground.
I made my own confit duck. Proud of myself. This started at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago when I ordered confit duck and it wasn't. Shock! Horror! It was slow roasted and quite pleasant but not the real thing. A three day process but worth it. Made potato bake thing with cream in muffin tins (not sure what to call them..galettes?) The duck was on a bed of garlicky spinach. 
My SIL made some lentils to go on the plate because she thought I was going to starve everyone. Ha! They were good though. I made a dark caramel and turned it into a sauce with orange juice, red wine vinegar and chicken stock and then reduced it until it was a bit syrupy, then mounted it with a little butter. Was all good.
Jan and I both absolutely lurve it when Leon tells us to smile...but we sort of did.
No pics of dessert by the look of it. I made a Tia Maria baked cheesecake covered on top with a dark chocolate ganache laced with more Tia Maria. Nom nom nom
Just as an addendum - Jan's husband John knew that I needed some pain medication and a glass of scotch was handed to me on arrival, followed by several glasses of red wine.

You will be glad to hear that when it was time to go home, I poured Leon in the car for the trip as a passenger. No sleep that night, and next day we spent 6 hours in the emergency department. Men!


  1. Sorry about the broken ribs... that sucks.

    Mind you, tia maria baked cheesecake with dark chocolate ganache is worth suffering for!! You should have a bloggy gathering for Melbournians and serve it up :)

  2. Hels - we are away from Late Sep to early Dec so you have to organise a bloggy gathering after we get back. Besides, you have so many followers.

  3. Lovely birthday dinner! I hope you are getting better and better Leon! Not fun having broken ribs.

    1. surviving Nadege surviving.
      Thanks for the sympathy


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