Thursday, April 10, 2014

I've been busy

I'm not sure what it is but I see it from time to time with our fellow bloggers, posts get further apart.

It's happening to us. It's not as if there's not much happening - quite the opposite - too much is happening.
We've celebrated four birthdays in the past two weeks, went to a wedding, had the book launch and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Our life is full and that's what you want - isn't it?

Yes, and there's work that sometimes takes up 12 hours of the day "door to door". 
That certainly fills the day - and the week.

The other exciting thing that happened over the weekend was that we had an auction in our street and the house up the other end of the street sold at over $80,000 above the estimated sale price.
All good for us with the impending sale of our place at the end of this year. We have requested quotes for painting inside, then having the baltic pine floorboards sanded and polished. We'll get the front fence replaced and the back outdoor decking rebuilt. That will all be done before our holiday at the end of September.
This one sold for $865.000 - A Clifornian Bungalow not unlike ours.
Launceston Tasmania - an area that is high on our list of where we would like to live.
At the end of September we fly off to Italy for a cycling event in Tuscany, spend some time in the lakes area of Como before driving to the Loire to meet up with friends. Financially we are not rich but we save hard to enjoy friendships from afar. France has become our spirital home although I don't know if we could ever make that final move so far away as I see some of our favorite bloggers doing. You are all very brave.

Shopping at the Blois Market
Our next move most likely will be to the island below Australia although part of it - Tasmania.
Next month we are spending a long weekend in Launceston, second biggest city of Tassie with just under 100,000 population. It has a good culture of food, coffee and cycling. It seems like our destination after exploring other possibilities in our state of Victoria.

Who knows where life takes us - enjoy the journey we say.


  1. That is a smart looking Californian bungalow that you photographed, and well cared for. Almost $900,000 is a jolly good price, so I hope the new owners don't think of it as expensive, soon-to-be-vacant land. What is the main building material - timber?

    1. Yes Timber Hels, just like ours. I think our street has a few very good examples worth preserving.

  2. Good luck with your plans and preparations.
    Although we are "moving" to France we are still keeping a little bolt hole in the UK, which is a bit cowardly - although the main reason for that is to have somewhere to live when our elderly parents need us.
    Apart from that, even though we are moving to a foreign country where a different language is spoken. It's actually only 600 miles from home!

    I do hope we can meet up when you are next in France. Our whereabouts will depend on how the moving process is coming along but we hope to have the UK leg completed by then. (If it isn't I'll be in the sanitorium..........)

    1. Jean - I think that our last two visits that Sue and I have missed you but promise not to next time. We are in the Loire for at least 6 weeks.

  3. Wow, yes, you've been very busy, and will continue to be for some time to come, it seems, with all that work you're doing on your house.
    My husband and I talk about moving to a different country, but I doubt if we ever will. Perhaps we'll be "snowbirds" as my parents were. They used to spend 6 months in Canada, 6 months in Mexico.
    Good luck with all your endeavours!

    1. Maybe living at home and holidaying is a good alternative - that way you keep old friends and meet new ones.

  4. I hope that wherever you end up you'll find happiness and contentment.

    We are retiring within the next few months and plan to spend more time in France, but also to use our French home to barter for home swaps around the world. Well, that's today's plan..

    Bonne chance.

    1. Gaynor - if ever you want to ejoy Australia - put us on your list for home swap.
      If we are then in Tasmania, you would love it. Maybe we might catch up when we are in France later this year.

  5. I am busy myself and one day, completely forgot to read my blogs, realizing only the following day that I didn't check them out. In the US, we retire to something else, so they say… I am not at that point yet but I hope you will find the right location with a good amount of new friends, great stores and amenities...

  6. Nadege - I'm sure we will achieve exactly as you say, we are those sorts of people that enjoy meeting other people.


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