Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've been busy lately - OK!!!

Yes, I know, I've been missing off the radar for a week or more but I've been busy lately - OK!!!
Work at work, work at home - where does the time go.

I enjoy blogging, you meet nice people, you enjoy that little bit of voyeurism, looking into their lives, sharing yours. Sharing where you live. You know I pass so many interesting places on my 50 km journey to work each day, BTW that's 50 km back home as well. BUT I'm too busy to stop as I admire the buildings, the people I pass, people commuting to their 8 hour day.

This week we had our annual ride to work day - not me, I'm in my metal womb because who wants a 100 km ride to work and home again. So my day consisted of a drive to South Melbourne for breakfast, coffee and fruit toast, a latte and a read of the Melbourne Age newspaper. I like the Age, it has great articles and Thursday has the week's Melbourne tellie guide.
After brekkie at the cafe, I almost passed a building that has intrigued me for ages - but this time I parked the car and took my iPhone for a photo shoot. 
The building sits on a corner and displays "ghost signs" that beckons you to imagine what went on inside over a century ago. What remedies did they sell? Did they work? Cures for 3d, miracles for 6d.

I did a search but Scott's Balsam is still a mystery to me at sixpence.

Rhubarb pills for hot flushes - how many for threepence?


  1. I've heard of balsam and horehound, but rhubarb pills are new to me. It's a lovely old building, though, Leon. I'm glad you stopped.

    1. There's so many interesting buildings in that part of Melbourneand a great market that takes up a full city block.


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