Saturday, March 10, 2012

Changed Teams

Yep, I've changed teams - gone to the dark side. Sorry Bill (Gates), I found new Jobs (Steve).
I've gone Mac from PC - I'm in a new world and I'm lost in cyberspace. It's going to take some time but this is the first post on my new MacBookPro. Expect some mistakes!!

It's different but hey, change is as good as a holiday they say. Which reminds me, only less than eight weeks before we get on the plane for Paris.
My Mac is coming with me.

It's a cute thing. All our music, movies and whatever is now connected - I even downloaded a movie tonight that Sue and I can watch thru Apple TV. Now tell me, who's a groovy guy.

Have to go now - Sue wants to watch the movie I downloaded - its called "ONE DAY", very romantic.
OK Sue, let me finish the blog. What, you want another glass of wine?


  1. Cheers. Hope that you enjoyed the film. I have to say my last laptop, which has not worked since before Christmas, I wish I had made the change to Mac. Everything that can be done with the new one has been done, it will have to go back to the UK where it was bought; I am not spending all that money just for the laptop!!

    Don't forget to let us have your itinerary so we can try to make a plan. Diane

  2. Looking good for catching up on the trip.
    Will send you details over the weekend.

  3. A Mac laptop is very handy and if you have trouble with it, Apple stores are everywhere in the world. (I haven't had time to find new blogs since I cannot keep up with my favorite ones).

  4. Nadege - it may take some getting use to. will book in for some instructions at the Apple store as well.

  5. Our daughter changed to Mac and loves it, must say I am tempted next time I upgrade the laptop as I love my iPad and iPhone so it might make sense!

    1. LLM - The Mac will link with your iPad and iPhone and there's iCloud which I haven't worked out yet but eventually will.
      I need to just forget how windows work and start fresh otherwise I get very confused.

  6. When I fully retire and lose my work laptop I am considering joining your new team. However this won't be for a couple of years so who knows what the state of the art will be then!
    Good luck with learning the workings, although I'm sure that with things will soon become second nature.
    Have you started your packing yet?

  7. Hi Gaynor - good to hear from you. I'm using the Mac for work and pleasure but yet to get it to work for remote access to my desktop at work. My PC at work has become a little aloof and won't speak to my Mac here on my study desk. Still about 8 weeks before we take off for Paris but our sone is packing for his trip to Canada next week.


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