Thursday, May 26, 2011

CAR BADGES - just a little trivia for you.

Over the years many car manufacturers become known, not only by their name but their badge or logo. On todays cars, look at Toyota, Mazda and Lexus and you'll see the badge but no name.

Have you ever wondered what the origin of Citroen's double chevron insignia is? Probably not, but this is my blog so I'll tell you.

Before Andre, Andre Citroen that is, started making cars - he produced gear wheels. Instead of a worm drive, he developed this herringbone style of gear mesh as the photo below illustrates.

Australia imported many Citroens in the years between the two world wars. They mainly came in chassis form with the bodies built by coachbuilders here. This avoided some sort of tax that was attached to imported fully built cars. Alfa Romeo, Fiat and many other European cars came to Australia like this and hence had unusual bodies compared to their Euro counterparts.

We've been Citroen owners and members of the Citroen Car Clubs in Melbourne over the years. We started with the Traction Avant in its four and six cylinder form and later the Xantia came along which is still in the family and has been for almost 10 years.

You might consider that this post is just a little piece of trivia and it is. I'm just getting into practice because Friday night Sue and I are off to a fundraising Trivia Night with friends. Our table is called "A boy called Sue" because we are dressing up in black and most of our wives are named Sue.
Except that my Sue wants to be called Johnny - maybe that's because she has all the CASH!!!!
And on that note, I'll say goodnight (it's Thursday night as I post this at 11.50pm)



  1. I didn't know that but now you've told me, it makes perfect sense.
    Have a great weekend yourself and enjoy the trivia night.

  2. Craig - I can feel a cooking post coming up after this weekend.

  3. Walt - Can't tell a lie, its not my photo, well it is now but I didn't take it - and that would make me as old as my father, or more.

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