Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sign with a story, Birds in the Trees, and Empty Chairs .

A Sign with a story.
During the latter part of the week, I drove over to spend some time with my father at the indoor velodrome on the other side of Melbourne from where I live. I may have mentioned in past posts that Jack is now 89 years old and still enjoys cycling five days a week at the local cycling track. He loves the sport and joined the Northcote Cycling Club in the 30s.
About 3 decades later I also took up the sport as a member of the Preston Cycling Club. A friend of mine who was a member of the Northcote club invited me down to the local Northcote bike shop, The shop was also the Club's registered club rooms. I was introduced to the President of the Club and he said, "You must be Jack Sims' young bloke. I may have something here for you."
Looking through some old files, he then pulled out a membership form that just happen to be my father's.

The sign below is all the remains of the old Northcote Bike shop and the Club's club rooms. It has been hidden for years by a taller building which recently was demolished to make way for an even higher apartment block. The sign will once again disappear soon. I'm glad I just happen to be there at the right time.

A sign of special memories.

My Father's membership form to the Northcote Cycling Club dated 1938.
At 89, he is still pushing the pedals.
Birds in the trees
Doves are a regular visitor to our backyard and they know I'm a soft touch.

This guy although wary, was looking forward to an easy meal.

Well come on, feed me now.....

Listen to the Turtle Doves song

Empty Chairs

Towards the end of the week we had some heavy downpours from the skies and this kept the garden chairs empty, but Saturday brought sunshine (as it should).
Rain filled garden chairs Friday Arvo.

But by mid arvo on Saturday a cool sparkling red awaited me, after I'd mowed the lawns, that is!
Sue enlisted a David Libovitz chicken recipe for tonight's dinner with potatoes cooked in duck fat, broad beans and sweet corn. A glass or two of a crisp white wine went down well on a balmy evening while sitting on the timber decking with a James Taylor CD playing in the background.
Back to work in the morning.
David Libovitz link -


  1. What a great piece of history and fantastic that you have the photo to go with the memories. Diane

  2. How nice of the President to think of giving you such a momento.

    Lovely photos. Looking at those chairs in the sunshine makes me envious as we slide inexorably towards the retail festival season (Christmas) and then into the doldrums of winter.

  3. Diane, yes it was a surprise. I was sitting in traffic, look up and there it was, the memories came rushing back.

    Jean, today was 25 degrees, but can I say that we enjoy open fires, scarves and roast meals. All seasons have their good points.

  4. Studley Park Lodge Kew - you toff!! I thought you told us you came from the tough side of town?? Nico


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