Saturday, July 04, 2009

Le Tour begins, Vegemite on toast and the Jersey Boys.

1. Rain on Friday morning falling on the Gum and Jacarana trees in our back yard.

Not quite sure where this week went – seems like only yesterday I was driving home from work for the weekend in drizzling weather. Deja vu, it’s the same one week later but its an exciting weekend coming up with the start of the Tour de France on Saturday starting from Monaco. It travels thru many of the villages that Sue and I have stopped or driven thru over our trips to France. This year we had lunch in Vatan and Tonnerre where both towns were celebrating Le Tour in their towns with posters and banners in readiness for when the cyclists pass thru. Go Cadel!!!!!
2. Yes that's Vegemite on toast - not a pretty site for the uninitiated.

Speaking of our time in France, I miss those breakfasts of coffee and croissants. This morning I had the usual Aussie breakfast of tea and vegemite toast. Now vegemite is somewhat an acquired taste. We are brought up on it as kids so we probably don’t know better. My experience is that a European adult, when inflicted with vegemite on toast is repulsed. On our travels, we carry vegemite in a tube, just like toothpaste. I must admit to never cleaning my teeth with vegemite. I might try that one day.
I actually have an Aussie mate who lived in Paris due to a transfer by his employer for several years. He developed a habit of spreading vegemite on his croissants. Oh Well!!!
3. The Yarra River looking from Southbank across to the CBD of Melbourne.
The Boss and I had a luncheon appointment with one of my clients today and we decided on a cafe by the Yarra River on Southbank. A chicken and wild mushroom rissotto was my choice.
The area used to be an industrial zone with many food and confectionery manufacturers mixed with warehouses and narrow streets. Its now a thriving entertainment and restaurant district frequented by the workers from the high rise commercial buildings on the river.

Sunday, Sue and I are off to the live show, “the Jersey Boys” – a musical based on the Four Seasons and lead singer Frankie Valli. I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday’s blog. We also have two exhibitions that I would like to get to. The Salvador Dali exhibition has works from Spain and New York on loan. The Melbourne museum has the Pompeii exhibition on as well.
4. A Friday night favorite - Sparkling Shiraz from Banrock Station.
Must go now as Sue is about to serve dinner, Roast Beef washed down with a Banrock Sparkling Shiraz.
I guess you could call this Foodie Friday - how come I'm not wider than I'm high.
Need to rise early tomorrow for a training session at the indoor velodrome to burn some calories.

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  1. Hello Sue and Leon, thanks for the reminder about your blog. I've put you on my favorites list.

    Sue, got your comment about tahini and hummus. Walt got the tahini recipe off the internet. All I know is that he toasted the sesame seeds and then blended them with a mixture of oil and water -- just enough to get the consistency he wanted. Look on the Internet for some recipes, ideas, and more precise proportions.

    I'll be reading your posts today and tomorrow...



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