Friday, October 21, 2016

MOLLISONS Antique and Gift Shop

In actual fact, it was a bank now Mollison's B&B and Gift Shop in the main street of Kyneton, naturally called Mollison Street. The name Mollison is part of the Central Highlands history as they were early pioneer settlers in the district hence the main street being named in their honour.
More than just a gift shop, it has much to offer the interior designer in us as well.

The Bank of New South Wales building is very gothic in design and stands proudly in the streetscape. Sadly many other building of a similar era have made way for Kyneton's main commercial street.

Just a quick iPhone grab
Just in case you want to check out the B&B upstairs.


  1. Lovely building, the old ones beat the new ones any day! Have a good weekend Diane

    1. Diane - we were in Melbourne over the weekend and Sue made the remark that modern buildings are no more that boxes, especially apartments.


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